Is focus a challenge for you? For the person addicted to impulsiveness and who loves spontaneity, self-discipline could seem like a restriction and hard to gain. But for others, it is a welcome invitation in life, for it can be the gateway to excellence, professionalism, or success.

Where are you? Are you struggling to control your wayward habits or are you right on target with your practices self-contained?  Let’s put some specific things on the table to help you be more on track to win.

Adding another measure of self-discipline to your repertoire can help you triumph over countless challenges. Self-discipline helps you conquer your self — the first and best victory of all.

Self-discipline gives you a controlled and directed path to your vision and goals. It provide you:

  • Groundedness
  • Inner-peace and Centeredness
  • Control
  • Self-Respect
  • Integrity, and
  • Reputation (especially in the business world)

We realize no one can force you to be self-disciplined; it comes from a deep and relentless desire to succeed above all else.  First you have to set your priorities and develop a plan for where you are going. Determine the critical habits to enhance and the ones to eliminate.  Then develop a system of repetition, like in martial arts, a way to follow through until your practices become embodied.  Learn to make corrections instead of excuses.  Stay focused on the end results, and reward yourself after your tasks are done.  Integrating these recommendations puts your performance on steroids.

In the Heroes Quest we give several real action items that anyone can do. We turn our overarching recommendations into practical behaviors to integrate into your daily life.

Join a Heroes Circle at  See you there!

Written by Dr. Ray Blanchard

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