Can you become more mentally and emotionally secure just by doing certain things differently — really common sense things?

The answer is, YES! Select habits or practices can be adopted that lead directly to greater mental and emotional security and a healthier sense of self.

Can you stop the second-guessing of your decisions and learn to make choices with ease? Of course! You can start by trusting your inner genius and learning to trust others from a place of possibility. Embrace the world with this mindset and your entire life can change. But how do we do that is he question.

If you want to experience a deep sense of security, higher self-esteem, a calmer inner life, and more savvy in the real world then you MUST develop these effective habits.

I have engaged with some of the most successful people in the world who all share a strong sense of security. I’ve identified the 3 most significant mental and emotional practices that secure people always tend to have in common. For the past 40 years I have been researching this phenomenon and have taught it to over 200,000 people around the world who have successfully applied these sensible (but not so simple) practices to transform their lives and businesses for the better.

I am Dr. Ray Blanchard, variously known as a Lifestyle Architect for heroic living, and my greatest pleasure is to share these key practices with you so you can raise your Security IQ and up level your life as well. For starters, we increase our tendency to:

1. Empathize — Which is the habit of seeing things from another person’s perspective. If you cannot empathize with the experiences of others, your own insecurities grow and rule your life.

2. Transform failure — Because mentally and emotionally secure people turn failure into possibilities. They recognize that failure is not a defeat. They can embrace breakdowns and stay optimistic and enthusiastic in the process of learning and succeeding.

3. Tame Your Inner Critic — Because the internal critic can be ruthless if it is not controlled. Whereas most people’s internal criticism often leads to insecurities, a victorious person tames their inner critic by listening from opportunity, possibility and choice. They repurpose the inner critic for discovering their weak areas to be corrected —  thus driving them forward instead of holding them back and keeping them hostage.

Bottom Line: Mental and emotional security are skills that can be learned and mastered with insight and practice. All heroes learn these skills, and in turn, they transfer these skills to others. #beahero

By Dr. Ray Blanchard

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