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Do you long to become part of something more? It’s time to emerge from the shadows and find your inner hero by joining a Heroes Quest and make your life extraordinary. What is the Heroes Quest and why should you join?

A Heroes Quest is a group of mutually supportive men and women seeking ways to provide something meaningful to enhance their lives. The goal of a Heroes Quest is to help you enrich your life by being able to offer your full heroic commitments to yourself and to those in the world around you. You will be able to make an impact on the world by becoming involved with your family, your local community, and can even impact your career. Making giant strides in life, creating abundance, and finding a way to deliver on what you want to achieve is possible.

What is the Heroes Quest?

Dr. Ray Blanchard created the Heroes Quest. He created this for individuals that want to emerge from the shadow of the ordinary and live life fully. Those involved in the program will learn how to challenge themselves in a variety of situations. You will learn how to trust yourself, see truth beyond the obvious, learn to let go of past reservations and frustrations that weigh you down, and build or renew relationships. Individuals will be held accountable by others to help them grow and strengthen themselves. In time, you will be able to learn how to make things happen, let go of complaining, create workable life practices, and be consistent and maintain your virtue. As you start to feel triumphant in your circumstances, you will take power back for your life and start enjoying yourself and having fun once again.

Supporting Your Inner Hero

When you join a circle, you are coming to it with your skills and abilities. You will shift the perspective that there is a hero inside you, rather than a victim. Empower yourself to create a more meaningful life! You will understand the possibilities in your life, career, relationships, and more. You will see the hero inside and show this to your family, children, friends, community, and co-workers. As others see the light within you grow, they will become inspired by your heroism. Heroes are ordinary men and women like you, who want to find and create abundance in their life, and align it to their own vision.

Sometimes we stop believing in our dreams and think they are things we cannot have. The Heroes Quest training supports you to push beyond those doubts and so you can shift your perspective to create a more meaningful life. Learn how to become your own hero and live out these commitments you have made to yourself and others in your life by joining the Heroes Quest.

Becoming your own hero is a spiritual journey and one that is meant to be shared with others, not hidden away. The human experience is unique for everyone, and it is something that can be extraordinary. We want to make not only our own lives more enjoyable, but others as well. The Heroes Quest helps you learn how to master the game of life that you are a part of! We believe that putting forth the best effort, learning to appreciate the world and those within it, and respecting others allows you to become your best self.

Joining a Heroes Quest Circle

In the Heroes Quest, you will go through life experiences, exercises, and targeted actions and tips to overcome things that are holding you back. Well-trained professionals are here to support you every step of the way. During each Heroes Quest, we offer insights and ideas that will improve your life. We offer a key concept or success principle during each session. We follow with demonstrations and exercises. We then follow the demonstration with questions and answers and then show you how you can try it in your life.

Why Join a Circle?

The Heroes Quest is something that will transform your life and the way you have approached obstacles. During a two-week cycle, we will provide a summary and reminder of the success principle. Each Heroes Quest will have a Heroes Hub where you can select assignments, connect with other members, and have interesting discussions.

If you are ready to change your life and accomplish your biggest goals, it’s time to join the Heroes Quest. We make it easy for you to engage in transformational activities that will eliminate limited beliefs or social conditioning that has held you back. We encourage you to join the Heroes Quest and take the step into a real-life adventure today!

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