Manifest your most abundant life! 

KEY IN as we reveal the power of sacred Intention in the next webinar. 

It accounts for 90% of your results and success.

What is your true intention for your life? Who do you really intend to be?

While you think about your heartfelt intention, also think about your true commitment to it. You see, Intention is correlated with commitment, but they are not the same thing. Commitment is having dedication to your values, time, and relationships, while Intention is living your life in the completed state of this dedication in present time.

When you live with pure Intention, the future becomes the present! You are fully engaged with something of the future and having all your being and feelings for it right now, this moment.  You are living in the “feeling tone” and vibrating with it as an ongoing experience.  In addition, it is focusing your will like a laser beam, and bringing all your fortitude to bear.  You take actions that shape everything in your force field to match your intention. Intention is generating intense vital energy to feed your dream or desire.  Instead of working towards a “future,” you are living in the present as if that future is already happening. It is being what you want to be at the same time you are becoming.

The art of abundance is learning the critical daily practices that make manifesting your intentions a matter of fact. Commitment and follow through on the right things are at the heart of it. 

In this webinar, you will learn how to manifest your truest intention with these five interconnected elements:

  1. Free Choice — We all have the inalienable right to choose. It is up to you to choose what really matters to you and set an Intention to make that choice matter.
  2. Surrender — You will learn how to surrender and give up pride, shame, and fear to manifest your Intentions. When you surrender your life to the Intention, you can align your life to it.
  3. Resolve — Committing to your Intention requires Resolve. You will learn to keep your resolve during your journey to live your intention. It is having Faith that the issue is already done and being persistent with patience in the meantime.
  4. Being In Time — Living with Intention isn’t just focusing on the future. You will learn how to live your intention into being NOW. If you generate the feeling state of your intention as if it is already manifested and start actively living it through smaller actions and practices, you will manifest the state of being and way of being for your intention to be manifested fully and abundantly on an ongoing basis.
  5. Giving – Giving starts the circulation of energy, which makes things happen rather than being an all-mental, passive, expectant, receiver with low to no energy, living in wishful hope.

These five elements make up the tenets of Intention. When you put these into play, you can refocus your life like a laser in terms of what really matters to you. Start to live that life TODAY.

Join Dr. Ray for the next webinar on Tuesday, October 8th, at 7pm Central to learn more about the sacred intentions as a way to manifest your truest vision. Together, we will discuss and give life to your Intention, and set the stage for living abundantly now.


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