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Personal power is based on the heroic courage to be honest. Honesty is the source of clarity, strength, dignity, and honor. It isn’t just telling the truth when its convenient, it is a noble way of life. It is your lodestar, your true north!  Heroes are known to possess the virtue of being honest with themselves, in their actions, and transparently honest with the community they serve. In this next Webinar, we will discuss the honesty as a source of strength and power.

Honesty is aligning your life with what is so – facts over fiction. When you align yourself to what is, you gain certainty. Certainty gives you confidence. And that leads to the inner strength to achieve the goals you want to accomplish. Now that’s power!

People often hang out in delusion and empty hope, based on nothing but positive thinking.  Don’t get me wrong; optimism is a good thing as a general attitude.  But it is not enough.  Honesty is the prerequisite element that empowers it. Otherwise it makes optimism a joke. 

Honesty is not a hard and foreboding thing. It is an art form and fun challenge in facing your false self and finding your true self, while learning to play the game of life with mastery. Facing yourself opens the space for light and clarity.  And that is the doorway for miracles, the intersection where your true self joins forces with divine providence. 

To align your self to what is so, starts with facing up to actual results as they truly are, rather than entertaining stories and skewed reality.  Looking from a perspective that reveals rather than one that conceals truth is critical to discovering the higher values that really matter to you.

It takes courage to commit to your true values. But the practice of living by your values and principles give you the resolve to perform extraordinarily. And that’s when your life starts to soar in incredible ways.

Masterful honesty affects all aspects of your life, the people surrounding you, and even your future. The four faces of honest we will distinguish and embrace is:

  1. Factual Honesty – This type of honesty is based in objective reality. It lends to clarity and simplicity, from which more effective actions can be performed.
  2. Perceptual Honesty – When you align yourself to what is so, you have an honest perception of reality. It gets rid of illusions, delusions, and helps you to face up to the facts of life. You’ll gain certainty in your thoughts and deeds, because you can discern what is and what isn’t.
  3. Emotional Honesty – This is the practice of being authentic with yourself and acknowledging your own inauthenticity. As you acknowledge your inauthenticity it makes you authentic again; and that gives you the power to author your life and be the source of your fate. It takes courage, but the risks are worth it in terms of easing guilt and lightening the burden of bearing your faults and blunders. 
  4. Interpersonal Honesty – This is about relating to others without deception and playing manipulation games for approval and leverage. It is an opening for genuine connection, where empathy and intimacy can emerge.   

Honesty is a powerful primary distinction. You can use the art of honesty to reconnect with your divine fire!  It’s never too late to start a joy-filled life. The time is now, if you are reading this. Life is teeming with ways to practice the art of honesty and align with your true self and your core values. Just  look around and embrace the opportunities coming your way already, and create the relationships you really want – with yourself and with everyone else.  Your life will be all the better for it, filled with strength, vitality, health, and achievement. Follow us at www.TheHeroesQuest.com

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