“Give Away”.   Giving YOURSELF away is the greatest gift you can give…  It stimulates your self-expression, which is another form of creation and creativity. You put the life force in motion, which is abundance. It says to the world and to yourself that you are enough and more than enough — that you are overflowing.  The world listens to your message of being, expressed into the world, and responds in kind.  Besides, it lets you know that you are an awesome force of nature rather than a feverish little clod of ailments and grievances complaining that life did not devote itself to making you happy.  What a joy! 

Remember that you are “Stunningly Unique”, and you are God’s Masterpiece. You are born to be a giver and to shine like a star; and the world and your personal circle deserve to be the receiver of your gift.

This week take a look into your belongings and see what is stuck there clogging up your energy flow and your capacity to receive.  Make a definite commitment to give those valuable, yet stagnating things away.  Make room for newness.

I am committing to that and will continue to sort through stuff and let go of a lot over the next 60 days.  What about you? Whatever you give is another’s treasure.  You are the source of another one’s supply. What goes around comes around, as you trust the Spirit.  This is the concept of tithing, having Faith and Trusting the benevolence in the universe, that all empty spaces will be filled and you will reap more of what you sow”.  BELIEVE!


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