Giving thanks is actually GodWork. It is living in the abundant mindset. It is simultaneously an act of acknowledgement while recognizing, honoring, and Giving Grace at the same time.

Typically, giving thanks is seen as an outpouring of one’s appreciation towards something or someone else, whether it is because of what they have given to you or for what you may have received from them or their presence.  It is being conscientious and giving special attention and notice for some kind of gift received.

Yet in the greatest sense “giving thanks” has nothing to do with receiving anything from anyone personally; it is to give thanks for no reason at all.

Thanks for no reason is the highest form of spiritual bliss.  The question is how does one achieve such a state?

The first thing to know is that blissful thanks has nothing to do with you, except you have the privilege of being the point of awareness from which the appreciation is extended.  Rather than focusing on yourself and personalizing the thanks, the position to take is to focus out and be a witness to the miracle of life for its own sake.

In doing so you may notice that the miracle (including your own existence) is the presence of grace as an ongoing occurrence.  And the natural response is true gratitude, as opposed to gratitude as a platitude — the greatest virtue of all time.

In this state of consciousness, you realize that grace requires no debt.  Nor is there scarcity, neediness, or an agenda. It is complete, not for the sake of.  It simply is — miraculous as it’s true nature. And you, being the result and witness of such a miracle, get the gift for which you do not pay.  Ultimate abundance and love!

Can you even conceive of receiving what you did not earn or deserve? Consider accepting that as a natural phenomenon and a possibility for everything else as well.  It is abundance consciousness, out of which prosperity of all kinds flow. To feel indebted or the need to earn grace is to operate from a poverty consciousness and disrespect for grace itself.

So open yourself to the miracle of grace and give thanks just because — not only because of what you receive but just because of the miracle of grace itself. Awakening to this phenomenon is the light of abundance.  So simply turn it on and watch God work!

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