Giving to yourself can be one of the greatest challenges you face.  It is often sacrificed because many people can’t fit that into the same frame as their feeling obligated to give to others first. Otherwise, they feel guilty or selfish.  Not so!

I am not saying that you have free license to be selfish and self-indulgent to the omission of your genuine care and giving to others. I am saying that there is no nobility in leaving yourself out. That is blasphemy just as well. For in universal reality, giving to others does not demand that you forget yourself.

I know there are people who say you have to give to yourself first before you can give to others.  But that is a mechanistic misunderstanding of the greater consciousness.  In the larger realm, since we are one collective, brothers and sisters interdependently woven, it is likely that as you give to others you are giving to yourself; and as you give to yourself you are simultaneously giving to others.  It would be negligent to leave either perspective unattended. So do both!  In that way you have no need to keep track or to divide your giving; you simply are being a giver and you are including yourself.

Some general things to give to yourself are a gift of a great massage with extra time, a golf game with a friend, a weekend with your family, or a day to sleep in. Whatever you do, consider doing it regularly and adding more creative gifts along the way.  In that respect, you train your psycho-neurological and spiritual systems to operate in a natural rhythm of giving and receiving abundantly. This is being in the flow of universal abundance and living richly.  A great practice or habit to form in your life, and to live it freely.

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