“Give In”. Giving in is a critical element of workable relationships, health, and longevity. While many of us may think that giving in means defeat and weakness, on the other hand, it may be your greatest strength.

We live in a culture that often rewards brute strength and obstinance as an indicator of the strong man or woman. Yet we forget that sensitivity, gentleness, and surrender are the other strengths that give us balance.

The principle of giving in is the yin complement of yang in certain spiritual practices. It is the feminine source that matches the male force in other consciousness disciplines. For instance, in some martial arts, giving in is the allowing principle that absorbs falls and blows to prevent injury and fractures. For to be static and resistant makes you predictable and inflexible, and makes you subject to injury and defeat.

Taking it further, giving in translates to resilience and durability. It is the source of health and longevity. In certain cultures, the bamboo plant is the symbol of such resilience, strength, and durability. It also might symbolize abundance in the same way, in that it is a valuable commodity for the many uses it has for surviving and thriving. We might take note of that phenomenon for ourselves.

Giving in helps us to thrive by being flexible, to establish rapport, to absorb energy without harm, and to be the source of strength and elasticity. In the world of commerce it allows us to be adaptable and innovative in the marketplace, which might be the determinant of our success. In relationships, it could be the source of masterful communication and peaceful interpersonal interactions. All in all, it is an asset to our lives in every way, in that it gives us balance, elegance, and wholeness. These are the qualities of health, wealth, and sustainability and helps us to fulfill our purpose and full potential.