“Give up”. Giving up is a good thing, if you get the true meaning of it. But it is often misunderstood, as meaning being a quitter.  That misinterpretation leads us to be in resistance and being right about things way beyond the point of no return and beyond the health threshold. It turns into hanging on to “stuff”,  negative baggage, and argumentative attitudes.

Giving up in this conversation is about “letting go” and releasing grudges, grungies, and withheld emotions. It frees you up and it frees up the flow of vital energy that allows you to be in your natural flow, in your element, where you are most effective and most generative. In this state you are creative and you are aligned with the natural abundance of the universe. You make space for Divine Providence to work with your true intention and commitment. You see, Divine Providence can only work with purity of intention and an open heart; it does not work with surreptitious aims and veiled conspiracies.

So “give up” is to give It up, to let go and let God! You can’t fake it until you make it. You have to truly let go of all the unsavory thoughts, feelings, and plans that God would not support, and take on the acceptance of the past and the serenity of the things you cannot change. Then apply yourself courageously in the present moment to all that you can responsibly do something about, while coming from good intentions for all concerned. This is juicy and lovely, and rightful — abundant and rewarding.

So think about the deeper meaning of this message. What are some negative feelings, resentments, guilts, and overall baggage you have been holding on to — some of the things you are trying to force your will onto? What are the prices to your own well being and the well being of others? The prices are not worth the energy spent on them. Consider giving it up and letting go into the greater field of spirit and reap the rewards of your freedom and the natural abundance of your true purpose in life. Let go of being a “control freak”, and trust God more. This is deliverance in action.

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