The year 2016 was exciting and rewarding, even though somewhat challenging. I learned a lot– so much in fact, it is very hard to put it all in a few lines. So I will just give a few points, which I will carry over in 2017.  Here are a few ideas, listed as “Do’s” and “Don’t” for you to ponder and implement as well.


  1. Invest in yourself. Take personal development courses to further your growth. It may be the most valuable asset you build. It would be crazy not to do this, given that you generate your own future.
  2. Have faith, be patient, be strong, keep focused, be ready. “Between your dream and its fulfillment you’ll be tested.”
  3. Give what’s wanted and requested rather than giving your pet issue or what you think someone needs. This is the secret to practically all successful business endeavors.
  4. See and speak the positive. Fill the space around you with the things you want, rather than the things you don’t want.
  5. Make more money than you spend. You never know when you will need to reconcile your affairs, and you want to be ahead rather than behind in the game.


  1. Don’t commit to things you are not willing to complete. It’s OK to say NO. Making too many commitments is to be committed to none. Incompletes lead to unfinished business and baggage you don’t need.
  2. Don’t be too reasonable about your dreams. Being too reasonable can lead to mediocrity.
  3. Don’t give up just because you are challenged or because something is tough. Don’t be cynical; give life a chance again and again.
  4. Don’t listen to bullshit or buy it. Trust your instincts. Question all those who call themselves masters.
  5. Don’t let people coach you if they don’t have experience and success in that area. If you want to play tennis, get a tennis pro with the most experience in tennis, not a cyclist.

More power to you in the year 2017, ahead. And remember your point of power is in the here and now.

Happy New Year,
Dr. Ray Blanchard

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