Dawnelle Hyland is an internationally recognized leader, trainer, and speaker in the fields of personal and organizational transformation. Owner of Align Leadership, Dawnelle has spent 18 years training and coaching visionary adults and youth to take a quantum leap in realizing their personal and organizational visions as well as to live in a way that honors others, and contributes to the quality of life on our planet.  Her deep respect for people and their transformation has taken her across the United States, to Mexico, and to West, North, and South Africa, where she has studied and worked with leaders in school districts, communities, small businesses, government agencies, and non-profit companies—most notably, the United Nations. In 1996, she was recognized by the White House for her visionary leadership programs for educators.

Dawnelle’s life’s work is about bringing people together powerfully to use their unique talents and voices to elevate the quality of life for all humankind. In short, she’s about creating a world where everyone is championed, everyone is “seen,” and everyone thrives.

Dawnelle is also founding partner and executive director of Trainer Designs Global (TDG). TDG cultivates a rich alliance of trainers and training centers. Their work together translates into sustainable, empowering, and relevant tools that participants can use to create lives of deep meaning and purpose—for the rest of their lives.

Dawnelle lives in Durham, NC. When she is not coaching and training, you can find her spending time with her family, traveling to international choral music festivals, studying spirituality and leadership, and taking Zumba classes.


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