Daniel Paraszkay is a Transformational Trainer and the owner of Spectrum Life Design Los Angeles, LLC. as well as a partner in SPECTRUM LIFE DESIGN HQ, LLC.

His passion and commitment is to create the opportunity for people to reconnect with their deeper yearning, purpose and authentic self while creating a profound experience of life with the desired results and rich connections with others around the world.

Daniels first experience and study of transformation trainings started when he was 18 years old. For the past 30 years, his life has been an adventure of discovery and fulfillment. While applying this interactive technology in all of his endeavors, Daniel has successfully coached at multiple transformational centers for the majority of his life as well as cultivate an executive position at Rhodes Publication.

Also at the age of 18, Daniel has taken the opportunity to study and learn alongside many decorated Master Trainers but most notably Bettie Spruill and Dr. Ray Blanchard. Daniel is also a graduate of the world renowned Trainer Forum and Trainer Internship Program. Currently, Daniel is one of the lead trainers at Spectrum Life Design Los Angeles LLC.


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