Turning your heartfelt commitments into results is one of the most joyful and adventurous endeavors you might ever experience.  Learning this art is the winner’s edge!  It is one of the pivotal resources that the heroic leader packs on his or her journey that gets them through the challenges they face.

There are people who seem to always focus on their goals and they just get things done. Then there are those who talk about achievement but never seem to get it together. So, what’s the difference?  COMMITMENT! 

It separates does from dreamers, superstars from wannabes, followers from leaders, and the almost-made-it from winners.  It may be easier than you think to go from the pain of ordinary to the ecstasy of achievement.  This is your time to know and master the difference.  The Heroes Quest explores 5 ways to do just that.

For over 40 years, Dr. Ray Blanchard has been successful in teaching transformational leadership principles to individuals, business, and organizations to achieve high performance results.  On the upcoming webinar you will have the opportunity to validate and empower yourself to reach your highest level of self- mastery and success.  Our intention is to serve you in your quest for your best. 

All too often people think that your actions drive results.  But all the action in the world without commitment is merely motion without significant movement.  Action with commitment can change your whole world!  The life of your vows, pledges, and promises depend on it.

Exactly how does Commitment really work on a practical basis to transform your big ideas into predictable reality?  The finer distinctions of commitment that get you the highest levels of manifestation necessarily start with these basic realizations:

1.  It Comes from the Heart – It is the fire of life! 

2.  It’s Tested by Action – It is the moneymaker! 

3.  It’s Measured by Follow Through – It is the GPS for hitting your target! 

4.  It Builds Confidence and Reduces Stress – It gives you freedom! 

5.  It’s the Door to Achievement — It is the gateway to Divine Providence! 

Join us on the FREE live webinar training for the rest of the story that you don’t want to miss on March 5th, 2019 at 7:00 PM Central time at www.TheHeroesQuest.com   Bring pen, paper, and an accountable partner to share in 3 key practices you can adopt immediately to cultivate habits of commitment that matter the most to propel you to your next level!

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