The character that inspires confidence is what defines influence and the capacity and will to rally men and women to a common purpose or to get things done between you and others.

Character is also a key ingredient of Charisma, which is what instantly engages an audience before they know even the details of a person’s character.  Both are important, and they are interrelated.

There are at least 5 dimensions of Character with tips on how to improve your character.  Also, there are 4 more dimensions of Charisma and with tips on how to improve it and influence others.

Each of these two distinction is separately defined, the dots  are connected between the two, which shows their symbiotic relationship and collective power.

It is said that character is more than talk (or talking the walk).  It is how you walk the talk.  Talk is like potential, or aptitude, or even sometimes bluster.  Many people have potential or talent, but it is not enough.  It is the attitude you display and the action you take that makes the critical difference.  Therein lies character — the attitude you choose and how you apply your potential inside of it.

You may not get to pick the talents or IQ you inherit.  But you do choose your character, by design or by default.  In fact, we create it every time we make a choice — either to cop out or dig out of a hard situation; to bend the truth or stand under the weight of it; to take the easy money or pay the price.  As you live your life and make choices today, and every day, you are continuing to create your character.

Highly cultivated character has gravitas.  It significantly contributes to the ability to rise above established limitations and to generate extraordinary success.

Character is relational, in that it always involves people.  It is the litmus test for true leadership, whether in family, community or society.  As you strive for success, people observe you and decide to connect with you or not.  It is through connection that you lead, and through leadership you achieve exponential success. 

We say that people with great Character are also charismatic.  It is the amalgam of connection, engagement, talent, education, and experience, with wit and grit melded into one over time that matters most to people around you.  You become known by these qualities.  And your ability to handle yourself in life, to transform challenges and transcend the odds give you a kind of certainty that is noticeable. It gives you credibility with people and makes people follow you. 

You can say that your character and charisma are your calling cards for leadership. The question is what are the key ways to establish or rebuild your character and charisma score to make you the kind of leader with emergent and lasting success.

Discovering the cracks in major areas of your life, learning to observe patterns and trends without taking it personally, facing your trials successfully, and applying the wisdom contained in the process of life allows you to establish and rebuild your character.  These intangible qualities signify your charismatic persona and they tend to dominate in the realm of tangible manifestations.

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