With it we’re free; without it we fail.

There is at least one thing that every one of us seems to have in common: Choice. Choice is the core of personal power! It is the genesis of creation and manifestation. Your understanding of this may make the difference in a life of joy or a life of dread and quiet resignation. Choice is the king of possibility.

On a spiritual level you may believe that your destiny or path is already chosen. Or it may seem that the choices you make are designed to fit inside of a larger choice that’s already made.

Do you sometimes feel powerless to choose? Do your choices fall short of what you want? Do circumstances and other people seem to choose for you, before you even get the chance to choose for yourself?  Are the choices you are making the ones you really want to make?  But if you could choose what you really want, what would you choose?

We tend to live by default or by our own design.  Default is when you settle for what you get when you do the minimum or “play not to lose”.  Many people tend to rely on the tried and true and look to past experiences to determine what decisions to make, or they resort to waiting and reacting to current events and circumstances to determine how they live. Neither of these scenarios is about consciously designing your life. Living by design is “living by choice”.

What is Choice? To choose is to go beyond the decisions based on options that are already fixed.   Free Choice transcends fixed options and decisions. You start with stepping “outside your box”. That allows you to bring forth new realities from the background of infinite possibilities. Then you create a vivid the picture in your mind of what you want. This clarity gives you a more solid foundation on which to take a stand and to declare who you will be and how you will live going forward. Remember, the clearer you are about what you want, the greater your success in designing your life.

Therefore, the thing to do is to go deeper into the true nature of free choice, and how to gain access to it and how to execute it.  It helps to know the right ways to think and what to think about in order to feel competent and confident to choose. Acting is the easy part but choosing is more challenging. Here are some core competencies to master in making great choices:

  • Identifying your purpose and path
  • Modeling how great achievers think
  • Enhancing Your Problem-Solving Skills
  • Discovering the Root Issues
  • Discerning Your Real Opportunities

Conversations on these competencies increase your certainty and clarity, so that choosing is more natural, easier, and more on point for your life. Engaging in these key questions on choice, how you to get what you want, when you want it, and how to enjoy your success are prerequisites for a life by design. Join our masters’ s

Manifest your most abundant life! 

KEY IN as we reveal the power of sacred Intention in the next webinar. 

It accounts for 90% of your results and success.

What is your true intention for your life? Who do you really intend to be?

While you think about your heartfelt intention, also think about your true commitment to it. You see, Intention is correlated with commitment, but they are not the same thing. Commitment is having dedication to your values, time, and relationships, while Intention is living your life in the completed state of this dedication in present time.

When you live with pure Intention, the future becomes the present! You are fully engaged with something of the future and having all your being and feelings for it right now, this moment.  You are living in the “feeling tone” and vibrating with it as an ongoing experience.  In addition, it is focusing your will like a laser beam, and bringing all your fortitude to bear.  You take actions that shape everything in your force field to match your intention. Intention is generating intense vital energy to feed your dream or desire.  Instead of working towards a “future,” you are living in the present as if that future is already happening. It is being what you want to be at the same time you are becoming.

The art of abundance is learning the critical daily practices that make manifesting your intentions a matter of fact. Commitment and follow through on the right things are at the heart of it. 

In this webinar, you will learn how to manifest your truest intention with these five interconnected elements:

  1. Free Choice — We all have the inalienable right to choose. It is up to you to choose what really matters to you and set an Intention to make that choice matter.
  2. Surrender — You will learn how to surrender and give up pride, shame, and fear to manifest your Intentions. When you surrender your life to the Intention, you can align your life to it.
  3. Resolve — Committing to your Intention requires Resolve. You will learn to keep your resolve during your journey to live your intention. It is having Faith that the issue is already done and being persistent with patience in the meantime.
  4. Being In Time — Living with Intention isn’t just focusing on the future. You will learn how to live your intention into being NOW. If you generate the feeling state of your intention as if it is already manifested and start actively living it through smaller actions and practices, you will manifest the state of being and way of being for your intention to be manifested fully and abundantly on an ongoing basis.
  5. Giving – Giving starts the circulation of energy, which makes things happen rather than being an all-mental, passive, expectant, receiver with low to no energy, living in wishful hope.

These five elements make up the tenets of Intention. When you put these into play, you can refocus your life like a laser in terms of what really matters to you. Start to live that life TODAY.

Join Dr. Ray for the next webinar on Tuesday, October 8th, at 7pm Central to learn more about the sacred intentions as a way to manifest your truest vision. Together, we will discuss and give life to your Intention, and set the stage for living abundantly now.

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“People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care”.

People don’t just want to be heard; they want to be listened to with generosity. That means people want you to not only hear what they say, they want you to know where they are coming from in saying it.  You need to listen to words, yes, but most importantly you need to pay attention to nuances and intimations.  It gives the impression that you really care, and that you are “with it” and picking up the signals for a deeper relationship.

The word “generous” is added to listening because it is a distinction that makes a difference.  One can listen with nonchalance, which is often interpreted as non-interest and inauthentic.  Or one can listen with generosity, which implies sincerity and faithfulness.

What we are addressing is an aspect of effective communication – which translates to connection, processing information accurately, and impacting your relationships.

Powerful and Effective Communication can be seen in four distinct parts. And to be effective, you need to engage in all four and, to be good at all four.  Accurately hearing the words that are verbalized is only the beginning.  Meeting people where they really are and reading between the lines are just as important if not more.

In the next webinar we are going to give you clear explanations of the four parts of effective communication so you can have more intimate relations and get better results.  In addition, we will leave you with 5 fundamental practices that will make all the difference in the world if you want to see profound changes in all your communications, transactions, and relationships.

Bring a notepad and pen and have a comfortable chair, so you can take away a treasure of unique practices that you can turn into high level interpersonal skills for heroic living.  This webinar is Tuesday, April 23rd at 5:00 PM Pacific time.  RSVP for yourself, and you may bring a friend.  Go to: www.TheHeroesQuest.com

Turning your heartfelt commitments into results is one of the most joyful and adventurous endeavors you might ever experience.  Learning this art is the winner’s edge!  It is one of the pivotal resources that the heroic leader packs on his or her journey that gets them through the challenges they face.

There are people who seem to always focus on their goals and they just get things done. Then there are those who talk about achievement but never seem to get it together. So, what’s the difference?  COMMITMENT! 

It separates does from dreamers, superstars from wannabes, followers from leaders, and the almost-made-it from winners.  It may be easier than you think to go from the pain of ordinary to the ecstasy of achievement.  This is your time to know and master the difference.  The Heroes Quest explores 5 ways to do just that.

For over 40 years, Dr. Ray Blanchard has been successful in teaching transformational leadership principles to individuals, business, and organizations to achieve high performance results.  On the upcoming webinar you will have the opportunity to validate and empower yourself to reach your highest level of self- mastery and success.  Our intention is to serve you in your quest for your best. 

All too often people think that your actions drive results.  But all the action in the world without commitment is merely motion without significant movement.  Action with commitment can change your whole world!  The life of your vows, pledges, and promises depend on it.

Exactly how does Commitment really work on a practical basis to transform your big ideas into predictable reality?  The finer distinctions of commitment that get you the highest levels of manifestation necessarily start with these basic realizations:

1.  It Comes from the Heart – It is the fire of life! 

2.  It’s Tested by Action – It is the moneymaker! 

3.  It’s Measured by Follow Through – It is the GPS for hitting your target! 

4.  It Builds Confidence and Reduces Stress – It gives you freedom! 

5.  It’s the Door to Achievement — It is the gateway to Divine Providence! 

Join us on the FREE live webinar training for the rest of the story that you don’t want to miss on March 5th, 2019 at 7:00 PM Central time at www.TheHeroesQuest.com   Bring pen, paper, and an accountable partner to share in 3 key practices you can adopt immediately to cultivate habits of commitment that matter the most to propel you to your next level!

“Learning ways to create amazing relationships and 360-degree abundance in your life.”

Personal power is based on the heroic courage to be honest. Honesty is the source of clarity, strength, dignity, and honor. It isn’t just telling the truth when its convenient, it is a noble way of life. It is your lodestar, your true north!  Heroes are known to possess the virtue of being honest with themselves, in their actions, and transparently honest with the community they serve. In this next Webinar, we will discuss the honesty as a source of strength and power.

Honesty is aligning your life with what is so – facts over fiction. When you align yourself to what is, you gain certainty. Certainty gives you confidence. And that leads to the inner strength to achieve the goals you want to accomplish. Now that’s power!

People often hang out in delusion and empty hope, based on nothing but positive thinking.  Don’t get me wrong; optimism is a good thing as a general attitude.  But it is not enough.  Honesty is the prerequisite element that empowers it. Otherwise it makes optimism a joke. 

Honesty is not a hard and foreboding thing. It is an art form and fun challenge in facing your false self and finding your true self, while learning to play the game of life with mastery. Facing yourself opens the space for light and clarity.  And that is the doorway for miracles, the intersection where your true self joins forces with divine providence. 

To align your self to what is so, starts with facing up to actual results as they truly are, rather than entertaining stories and skewed reality.  Looking from a perspective that reveals rather than one that conceals truth is critical to discovering the higher values that really matter to you.

It takes courage to commit to your true values. But the practice of living by your values and principles give you the resolve to perform extraordinarily. And that’s when your life starts to soar in incredible ways.

Masterful honesty affects all aspects of your life, the people surrounding you, and even your future. The four faces of honest we will distinguish and embrace is:

  1. Factual Honesty – This type of honesty is based in objective reality. It lends to clarity and simplicity, from which more effective actions can be performed.
  2. Perceptual Honesty – When you align yourself to what is so, you have an honest perception of reality. It gets rid of illusions, delusions, and helps you to face up to the facts of life. You’ll gain certainty in your thoughts and deeds, because you can discern what is and what isn’t.
  3. Emotional Honesty – This is the practice of being authentic with yourself and acknowledging your own inauthenticity. As you acknowledge your inauthenticity it makes you authentic again; and that gives you the power to author your life and be the source of your fate. It takes courage, but the risks are worth it in terms of easing guilt and lightening the burden of bearing your faults and blunders. 
  4. Interpersonal Honesty – This is about relating to others without deception and playing manipulation games for approval and leverage. It is an opening for genuine connection, where empathy and intimacy can emerge.   

Honesty is a powerful primary distinction. You can use the art of honesty to reconnect with your divine fire!  It’s never too late to start a joy-filled life. The time is now, if you are reading this. Life is teeming with ways to practice the art of honesty and align with your true self and your core values. Just  look around and embrace the opportunities coming your way already, and create the relationships you really want – with yourself and with everyone else.  Your life will be all the better for it, filled with strength, vitality, health, and achievement. Follow us at www.TheHeroesQuest.com

Would you like to generate the relationship you dream of, or create more money in your life? Are you challenged by these matters, and wondering how you can flip the script?

Sometimes we keep running into brick walls on the road to your goals, and getting what we say we don’t want instead of what we do want. It’s as if we are on a treadmill or running around in circles and getting to the same place. This is all to often the existential human condition.

Tucked away in our secret thoughts is an idyllic vision of a life of magic, abundance, fulfillment and peace. When we arrive so many wonderful dreams will come true and the pieces of our lives will fit together perfectly.  How restlessly we work at life, biding our time, damning our setbacks, and waiting for the special moment that our ships will come in and all will be well…. and we shall live happily ever after!” But we can never seem to get over the hump.

Somewhere in this never-ending saga, we have to stop the pacing and justifying our plight. We realize that we need to learn what we could not figure out on our own; at least not in the way we have done in the past.  We have to learn what the masters have taught, and use the known maps and strategies that they used to navigate a heroic life.

Friends and colleagues tell us that we have to focus better and that will take care of everything. It is not that we are not focused; but it may be that we are focused on the wrong things.  We focus too much on the outer world of what we want to have, while it’s possible that it is the inner world that is fundamentally causing all the outcomes.

It has been variously said that, ‘where you are coming from is a mirror of where you are going’. Where you stand is the genesis of your fate. In as much as that is true, it begs us to figure out our inner game that is in our way.  If we can clear that up or clear that out, new possibilities can open up for us.

So rather than spend another day as a victim of self-sabotage, learn to clear your obstacles and take your life by the horns and have it turn out. Having the power to navigate your life, author your own reality, and create your own destiny is the secret to extraordinary living.  But how do you do that is the question.

In your ongoing heroic journey, it may be wise for you to engage in vibrant dialogues on life and self-empowerment to help you on your way. Peek into the thoughts and mind of successful thought leaders so you can tap the power of transformation technologies they use and other people now practiced around the world!  As you do so, start with a strategy to:

  • Identify the real issues that block your success
  • Get the keys to opening new possibilities
  • Review and get grounded in the best wisdoms on how to turn your

ideas into real results in real time

So, if you want to end your striving and struggle and start a new trend to thriving and living, start with a clear vision for what experience you are looking for, study the wisdoms of the ages that have proven results, make an action plan to guide your behavior, and discipline yourself to follow through.  Taking ownership of your journey and taking these steps for success makes you the source of your personal world.  If others can do it, you can do it too!

If you want more of this profound conversation that can change your life and change the results of your business, follow us as we take this and other related topics to new levels of expertise at  www.TheHeroesQuest.com


Do you know why you get the mates you have, or the contracts you get, the jobs that are offered to you, or the prosperity you enjoy?  It is because of the personal brand that you are.

I suspect that most people think that branding has nothing to do with them.  They think that branding has only to do with the marketing of large corporations.  That couldn’t be more wrong.

First of all, it is important to learn the profound difference between branding and marketing, which makes a profound difference.  They are NOT the same. You are always branding, although you may or may not be marketing. Branding is about your being, marketing is about your doing, and satisfying outcomes depend on both.

You are a brand, and your brand is you.  People respond to you and attract to you because of who you are and how you represent yourself.  Many people are not aware of how they do that and what it has to do with all relationships in their lives – especially those that have to do with intimacy, prosperity, and career advancement.

Everything in your life that has to do with human interactions and relationships depend on branding.  Some people like you and want to be with you, while other times you can’t understand why some of your peers get picked for certain opportunities that you are more qualified for but don’t get selected.

You may have great qualifications and a great message, but the music is missing or does not match. Therefore people are repelled rather than compelled.

Your story, and how it is told, is the ultimate law of attraction. Whether you are looking for a mate, or you are a potential employee, consultant, social enterprise, corporation, personal brand, or any other service provider, all must address these key questions.

It is wise to look at proven success stories that give you straight facts from proven success stories to help you reframe your brand. Because the insights you gain will help you to generate richer relationships, land your dream jobs, win more customers, build a stronger customer community, and grow your business with greater ease.

Branding consultants who are worth their salt, can tell  you what people like and dislike about brands, particularly in social interactions and social media.  With this awareness you can let go of self-defeating gimmicks that turn people off, and learn to engage, enable, and excite your relationships and customers. This will give you more traction and propulsion in the critical domains of your life.

The art of branding success helps you to move into elite company — from a “Me too”, to a “Me special”, to a “Me ONLY” brand that differentiates you and your uniqueness and how to communicate that so that others are enrolled.  Then people will sing your praises and you will gain more leverage in the marketplace, because people will tell others about. the unique value you offer and how it will impact the lives of people they care about.  It is your ticket to success.

Branding is about generating market responsiveness regarding the services you provide. If that is what you want, a great first habit to develop is to speak more softly, listen more loudly, and act more quickly on the concerns of your audience. This is an actionable tip you can apply right now for you to evoke exceptional partnership and commitment to you and your brand such that you generate extraordinary results.

If you want more of this profound conversation that can change your life and change the results of your business, follow us as we take this and other related topics to new levels of expertise at www.TheHeroesQuest.com

Giving to yourself can be one of the greatest challenges you face.  It is often sacrificed because many people can’t fit that into the same frame as their feeling obligated to give to others first. Otherwise, they feel guilty or selfish.  Not so!

I am not saying that you have free license to be selfish and self-indulgent to the omission of your genuine care and giving to others. I am saying that there is no nobility in leaving yourself out. That is blasphemy just as well. For in universal reality, giving to others does not demand that you forget yourself.

I know there are people who say you have to give to yourself first before you can give to others.  But that is a mechanistic misunderstanding of the greater consciousness.  In the larger realm, since we are one collective, brothers and sisters interdependently woven, it is likely that as you give to others you are giving to yourself; and as you give to yourself you are simultaneously giving to others.  It would be negligent to leave either perspective unattended. So do both!  In that way you have no need to keep track or to divide your giving; you simply are being a giver and you are including yourself.

Some general things to give to yourself are a gift of a great massage with extra time, a golf game with a friend, a weekend with your family, or a day to sleep in. Whatever you do, consider doing it regularly and adding more creative gifts along the way.  In that respect, you train your psycho-neurological and spiritual systems to operate in a natural rhythm of giving and receiving abundantly. This is being in the flow of universal abundance and living richly.  A great practice or habit to form in your life, and to live it freely.

Giving thanks is actually GodWork. It is living in the abundant mindset. It is simultaneously an act of acknowledgement while recognizing, honoring, and Giving Grace at the same time.

Typically, giving thanks is seen as an outpouring of one’s appreciation towards something or someone else, whether it is because of what they have given to you or for what you may have received from them or their presence.  It is being conscientious and giving special attention and notice for some kind of gift received.

Yet in the greatest sense “giving thanks” has nothing to do with receiving anything from anyone personally; it is to give thanks for no reason at all.

Thanks for no reason is the highest form of spiritual bliss.  The question is how does one achieve such a state?

The first thing to know is that blissful thanks has nothing to do with you, except you have the privilege of being the point of awareness from which the appreciation is extended.  Rather than focusing on yourself and personalizing the thanks, the position to take is to focus out and be a witness to the miracle of life for its own sake.

In doing so you may notice that the miracle (including your own existence) is the presence of grace as an ongoing occurrence.  And the natural response is true gratitude, as opposed to gratitude as a platitude — the greatest virtue of all time.

In this state of consciousness, you realize that grace requires no debt.  Nor is there scarcity, neediness, or an agenda. It is complete, not for the sake of.  It simply is — miraculous as it’s true nature. And you, being the result and witness of such a miracle, get the gift for which you do not pay.  Ultimate abundance and love!

Can you even conceive of receiving what you did not earn or deserve? Consider accepting that as a natural phenomenon and a possibility for everything else as well.  It is abundance consciousness, out of which prosperity of all kinds flow. To feel indebted or the need to earn grace is to operate from a poverty consciousness and disrespect for grace itself.

So open yourself to the miracle of grace and give thanks just because — not only because of what you receive but just because of the miracle of grace itself. Awakening to this phenomenon is the light of abundance.  So simply turn it on and watch God work!

“Give In”. Giving in is a critical element of workable relationships, health, and longevity. While many of us may think that giving in means defeat and weakness, on the other hand, it may be your greatest strength.

We live in a culture that often rewards brute strength and obstinance as an indicator of the strong man or woman. Yet we forget that sensitivity, gentleness, and surrender are the other strengths that give us balance.

The principle of giving in is the yin complement of yang in certain spiritual practices. It is the feminine source that matches the male force in other consciousness disciplines. For instance, in some martial arts, giving in is the allowing principle that absorbs falls and blows to prevent injury and fractures. For to be static and resistant makes you predictable and inflexible, and makes you subject to injury and defeat.

Taking it further, giving in translates to resilience and durability. It is the source of health and longevity. In certain cultures, the bamboo plant is the symbol of such resilience, strength, and durability. It also might symbolize abundance in the same way, in that it is a valuable commodity for the many uses it has for surviving and thriving. We might take note of that phenomenon for ourselves.

Giving in helps us to thrive by being flexible, to establish rapport, to absorb energy without harm, and to be the source of strength and elasticity. In the world of commerce it allows us to be adaptable and innovative in the marketplace, which might be the determinant of our success. In relationships, it could be the source of masterful communication and peaceful interpersonal interactions. All in all, it is an asset to our lives in every way, in that it gives us balance, elegance, and wholeness. These are the qualities of health, wealth, and sustainability and helps us to fulfill our purpose and full potential.