Do you know why you get the mates you have, or the contracts you get, the jobs that are offered to you, or the prosperity you enjoy?  It is because of the personal brand that you are.

I suspect that most people think that branding has nothing to do with them.  They think that branding has only to do with the marketing of large corporations.  That couldn’t be more wrong.

First of all, it is important to learn the profound difference between branding and marketing, which makes a profound difference.  They are NOT the same. You are always branding, although you may or may not be marketing. Branding is about your being, marketing is about your doing, and satisfying outcomes depend on both.

You are a brand, and your brand is you.  People respond to you and attract to you because of who you are and how you represent yourself.  Many people are not aware of how they do that and what it has to do with all relationships in their lives – especially those that have to do with intimacy, prosperity, and career advancement.

Everything in your life that has to do with human interactions and relationships depend on branding.  Some people like you and want to be with you, while other times you can’t understand why some of your peers get picked for certain opportunities that you are more qualified for but don’t get selected.

You may have great qualifications and a great message, but the music is missing or does not match. Therefore people are repelled rather than compelled.

Your story, and how it is told, is the ultimate law of attraction. Whether you are looking for a mate, or you are a potential employee, consultant, social enterprise, corporation, personal brand, or any other service provider, all must address these key questions.

It is wise to look at proven success stories that give you straight facts from proven success stories to help you reframe your brand. Because the insights you gain will help you to generate richer relationships, land your dream jobs, win more customers, build a stronger customer community, and grow your business with greater ease.

Branding consultants who are worth their salt, can tell  you what people like and dislike about brands, particularly in social interactions and social media.  With this awareness you can let go of self-defeating gimmicks that turn people off, and learn to engage, enable, and excite your relationships and customers. This will give you more traction and propulsion in the critical domains of your life.

The art of branding success helps you to move into elite company — from a “Me too”, to a “Me special”, to a “Me ONLY” brand that differentiates you and your uniqueness and how to communicate that so that others are enrolled.  Then people will sing your praises and you will gain more leverage in the marketplace, because people will tell others about. the unique value you offer and how it will impact the lives of people they care about.  It is your ticket to success.

Branding is about generating market responsiveness regarding the services you provide. If that is what you want, a great first habit to develop is to speak more softly, listen more loudly, and act more quickly on the concerns of your audience. This is an actionable tip you can apply right now for you to evoke exceptional partnership and commitment to you and your brand such that you generate extraordinary results.

If you want more of this profound conversation that can change your life and change the results of your business, follow us as we take this and other related topics to new levels of expertise at

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