The Question: Do you want to attract relationships, contracts, jobs, or prosperity? Want to know how the top experts do it? Turn your personal life from mold to gold.


Branding sets you or your company apart. Think of Apple, for instance — you think of innovation, exciting technology, elegance, and clean lines that make a statement. That’s the story that Apple tells the world, and the world feels like they can count on that from Apple. And it attracts people who resonate with their kind of innovative technology and the unique experience it generates.


The same is true for Oprah Winfrey, with her charisma, creativity, and care. The same applies to you. Your brand is who you are, your influence, and what sets you apart from everyone else in the eyes of your audience or your consumer. When you make friends, develop relationships, or apply for a job, people see your brand. Every day, people see your character as your brand, and it attracts people with similar values.


With that in mind, how can you enhance your brand?  How can you make sure that your brand is what you want others to see and love? If you aren’t attracting the kind of people that you want, your branding is not effective. Your story, how it’s told, and what you do consistently will decide who and what you attract.


In this webinar, we will discuss the power of branding, the ultimate law of attraction. We will discuss how you are a “personal brand” in life, and how to leverage your story to your advantage (as well as what not to do). We will consider these four questions that will help you understand the story that you want to tell:


  1. Why does your service exist?
  2. What is unique about you?
  3. What do you do best when you are at your best?
  4. What hope do you offer others by being who you are or what you offer?


Knowing the answers to these questions is the crucial starting place. We give you the finest details to help you reframe and craft your brand so that you win more customers, land your dream jobs, build a stronger community, and grow your business with greater ease and generate richer and enduring relationships. These essentials are imperative for your success! Learn how to brand your vision and turn it into personal gold.


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