1. What is a Hero Circle?

A Hero Circle is a learning group of about 15 people with a trainer who meet twice a month to engage in transformational conversations, experiential exercises, and life coaching that empowers the individuals to live extraordinary lives while accomplishing heroic dreams and goals.

2. Why do you call attendees of the learning circles “heroes?”

The attendees are called heroes because they are courageous enough to contest their own worldviews, take on valiant life challenges, and champion each other so that each person conquers their limits, transforms themselves, and reaches their noble quests.

3. What is in it for me to attend a Hero Circle?

The benefits you receive are experiencing your heroic self during the process and getting to know the winner in you at an exceptional level. You will be able to access that state of mind more often in life with greater ease, especially at critical times when you need it the most. Plus, it is fun to run with other spirited people who are up to an invigorating and accomplishment-oriented lifestyle.

4. Who are the typical people in a circle?

Generally, the attendees are at a crossroad in their lives where they are making life defining changes with a dedication to succeed at something they have yearned for. Heroes Circle participants are multi-cultural men and women with an appreciation for self-examination, reflection, teamwork, and a desire to give and receive support on projects. They come from many walks of life.

5. What is the time commitment to be successful in a circle?

The learning circles meet twice a month for approximately three hours each time. There will be fun life practices to do in between sessions that are designed to help you achieve your aims and amaze yourself and others. Altogether, there are 24 sessions, and most people are committed to attend all parts. Intermittent coaching and support calls are optional.

6. Can I choose my trainer?

We have a growing network of certified trainers, and they invite people to attend their learning circles that would likely enjoy the process and would likely contribute to others. You may request to join the trainer and circle of your choice.

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