Inspired by Your Heroism

Heroes are ordinary men and women like you and me who aspire nobly, live daringly, and serve the community generously and humbly. It’s their calling and they follow the yearnings of their heart.

Heroes are aware of the current reality and the risks of going for their “impossible dreams,” but choose to dare anyway. They are courageous enough to embrace an outstanding result, take a stand for it, and create a means to achieve it. They act from possibility rather than predictability and circumstances. They don’t wait for a new reality; they bring it forth.

A heroes circle is a group of mutually supportive men and women who are up to something special and want to live a life that was used for something meaningful.

Our promise is to empower you to be your own hero and to live out your own heroic commitments with your family, community, and in your career. You get to make giant strides in delivering what you truly intend to create in life.

Meet Dr. Ray Blanchard

Dr. Ray Blanchard is a Lifestyle Architect, who is grounded in transformational principles and “heroic leadership.”

For the last 40 years, Dr. Blanchard has traveled the world learning and leading consciousness seminars and teaching transformational thinking. All of these influences led him to develop Ray Blanchard Training Systems, featuring this ongoing learning and training paradigm, TrainTogether™.


The Heroes Quest Support

We feel intense compassion for our fellow heroes on this spiritual quest through the human experience. We wonder what could we share, what could we give, what could we provide to help you through your challenges and make your life more joyful?

The Heroes Quest was created as a life game for you to master yourself and your human environment to win the game of your life. This is our way to express respect and appreciation for your valiant effort to be your best self. You make our path more meaningful too.

We are all in this game of life together. And not just those of you who took our courses already… In the Heroes Quest, we give you valuable life experiences, exercises, and targeted actions and tips to help you get over the hurdles in the way of your victory. We support you with our well-trained professionals, who are honored to express the commitment we feel towards every one of you real life heroes as you bravely take on life.

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