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Join Dr. Ray Blanchard, JANUARY 16TH AT 9 AM–2 PM for a Live Virtual Workshop and Learn The 4 Pillars of Success and 8 Steps to Hit Your Targets!


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4 Pillars of Success and 8 Steps to Hit Your Targets

Do you want to take your dream out of the cocoon of your mind and really let it fly? Are you excited to put your big ideas into action and on the right trajectory to reach your destination? The best time to act on something is while it’s fresh and you are on fire about it. Your clarity is sharper, and your creativity is heightened. The path to the end result comes to you easier.  With the help of an experienced leader who has been there and done that and a thoughtful group of like-minded questers makes the process more engaging and stimulating.
My Live Virtual Workshop and Lab is no “pie-in-the-sky” motivational speech.
It is a practical and down to earth walk through to practice the process of starting something new and planning the launch exactly like the pros do it. You embody the matter-of-fact sequence so you can do it again and again for other things. You are INVITED!
What is the LAUNCH YOUR DREAM Live Virtual Workshop? It is an experiential seminar to help you match your dream or project with a proven 8-Step Success system. It supports you to do some real groundwork to shape your big ideas into a workable vision and lining it out into practical step-by-step stages that you can execute and achieve with predictability and less stress.
Lunch Your Dream is an exercise on how to get you, your project, organization, product, service, brand, or cause off the ground and into acceleration and get the results you want. This is for individuals, solo businesses, personal brands, small businesses, MLMs, trainers and speakers, coaches, corporate executives, marketing people, non-profits, or anyone who has something to say, sell, or serve.
The workshop is a Heart-Head-Hand proposition! Of course, we start with your heart-felt desire to drive the dream, shift to the mindset to guide it, add the structure for fulfillment, and connect all the dots into a flow that makes it easy for you and your supporters to follow through.
Absolutely, your passion for what matters to you is a MUST! It is the key to your success. Great success is not possible with only passive interest, like “it’s a good idea”. Generalized desire has to be honed into a powerful focus for it to have power. Without the clarity of your vision and the fire to power it even the best formulations will not get you to where you want to go.  But if you are guided to use a predictable system for success to your vision you can turn your big ideas into big victories. This applies to all areas of your life. The first step to win is to get yourself to the playing field…
Whoever is your role model, whether it is someone you know locally or one of the highly successful icons you read about (like Napoleon Hill, Andrew Carnegie, Henry Ford, Oprah Winfrey, Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk, or President Obama), they have some common methods of starting and launching projects and dreams.  They decide specifically, positively, and clearly what they want and plan it in manageable steps. It is convenient to think that everything is just spontaneous and natural for them and it doesn’t take systematic processing. Not So! They think things through and plot the pathway to design, launch, and land their dreams. By using a similar pattern, you can too. You might think…
“Those mega-successful people are gifted, special, or unique. But I couldn’t attain extraordinary success like that.” 
They are ordinary people like you, simply doing extraordinary things. But they apply their own success system over and over. That’s the main difference between them and most people.
A disciplined approach and following a proven system will help get to where you want to go faster than you can do it on your own without a proven system.
You don’t have to recreate the wheel. Many of the things you want to achieve have been done by somebody already. Starting with your WOW, the next step is to find a logical and specific set of how-to steps that are proven to succeed. If you discipline yourself to follow that system you will likely succeed faster than you think you could, with less stress and with more joy in the process.
In The E-Myth, Michael Gerber says that a proven system allows ordinary people to predictably achieve extraordinary results. But without a system even “extraordinary people” will not likely achieve even ordinary results.
In that case, don’t you think it is most powerful and desirable to use a system that is proven to be successful over and again? That is why LAUNCH YOUR DREAM is here, to provide you a successful system and guide you through the steps in using it.
A variation of entrepreneur, Stephen Wang, Launch Your Dream believes…
In general, no matter what job you take in life, your success will be determined 10 percent by your academic credentials, 15 percent by your professional experience, and 75% by effectively communicating your desire matched by follow through on a clear plan.
It’s time to stop looking for love in all the wrong places! Also, to stop the incessant motion and making no movement.
The greatest return on the investment of your effort is to keep your originality in the domain of your purpose and vision while letting your path to fulfillment be an uncomplicated predictable method for getting there.
It is surprising how much of the population insists on the struggle of doing things their own way and spend so much energy and time trying to make their own maps to get to even the most predictable destinations. You can be one of the exceptions and consciously use the 8-Step formula to launch your dream and create the magical outcomes you deserve.

Using thought-provoking questions, reflection, and input from small empower groups you use the templates in the workbook to chart your course step-by-step, so you leave ready to take off with your self-generated flight plan. You turn your possibilities into practicality with the means to navigate more accurately.
If you are not yet clear and hot to go for your dream, you can take on any project that you want. Quite often, the lack of a clear method of organizing yourself can sap your enthusiasm and giddyup.  Laying a good foundation takes out the confusion and frustration and makes the rest of the dream building process more enjoyable. Dr. Ray, often called a lifestyle architect, will guide you through the critical phase of clarifying your purpose and vision and then support you to lay your groundwork like the pros do. There will be interactive opportunities for coaching and examples.
Our prime time together will be working on your real matters of interest.  The time will be split between concepts, activity, sharing, and directed feedback. We will have music for reflection and for short movement breaks so the content can be embodied. Snack and work sessions will run together, and time will fly. Come a few minutes early and be equipped and prepared to play full out. It’s time to bounce backs from setbacks, buckle up to rise up, and take 2021 by storm.
You will be glad you did! There are numerous benefits in the workshop itself and you will get added take home gifts to boot.
Also, after the Workshop you’ll get a edited version of the actual workshop so you can review what happened and apply it to other projects or dreams you want to take on next. This priceless experiential Workshop is only $99 until January 9th (for the first 100 attendees), and then goes back to $145.
Here’s what you’ll receive and accomplish in the Live Virtual Workshop:
  • CLARIFY your Purpose and Vision
  • BLUEPRINT Your Vision
  • REVIEW — 4 Pillars and 8 Step Formula for Designing Your Dream
  • Qs & As
  • PLANNING Like a Pro – Putting the 8 Step Formula into ACTION
  • WORKBOOK AND HANDOUTS for Designing your Dream
  • LIKE-MINDED PEERS to work with
  • PEER GROUP INPUT in selected modules
  • LARGE GROUP COACHING on Distinctions and Pillars so you can personally apply them to your Design and Launch
  • INCREASE your self-belief and credibility with others which is necessary for success.
  • STORIES and EXAMPLES on how Ray created the successful Super Seminar series with dozens of high-profile trainers and speakers.
  • PRE-CREATE result BEFORE manifestation.
  • BRANDING Template for Yourself and Your Service
  • ELEVATOR SPEECH template
  • CELEBRATE your progress
  • LAB experience
  • INTERACTIVE talks and explanations
  • IMMEDIATE Action Steps
  • TRANSFORM your potential into performance
  • CERTAINTY and Peace of Mind
  • DOWNLOADABLE CD to remind you: “Organize Yourself for Success”
  • FREE selected “Workshop Replay”
  • MORE!
Join Ray on Saturday, January 16th at 9:00 am Pacific:
I really hope you can make it to our Live Virtual Workshop to begin your New Year and New Life 2021. I believe you’ll get so much out of it!
All the best,
Ray Blanchard
“Heroes don’t leap tall buildings or stop bullets with an outstretched hand; they don’t wear boots and capes. They bleed, and they bruise, and their superpowers are as simple as listening, or loving. Heroes are ordinary people who knew that even if their own lives were impossibly knotted, they could untangle someone else’s. And maybe that one act could lead someone to rescue you right back.” — Jodi Picoult

Meet Dr. Ray Blanchard

Dr. Ray Blanchard will facilitate Launch Your Dream. Well known as a transformational trainer and leadership coach, he has led thousands of leaders and individuals in accomplishment programs around the globe. The process he used to create success in such programs is the basis of this workshop. Ray started out from meager beginnings. Coming from an inner city in the Midwest USA, he was a person of big ideas but with few means. He had to strategize and navigate his way from where he was to where he had greater opportunities. Learning from standout mentors at great universities in the USA he followed a disciplined plan and completed a Ph.D. degree at a young age. The plan still works today! He’ll briefly share about his training and entrepreneurship journey and share the basic strategies that you can also use to organize your goals and dream for success as well.

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