Giving to yourself can be one of the greatest challenges you face.  It is often sacrificed because many people can’t fit that into the same frame as their feeling obligated to give to others first. Otherwise, they feel guilty or selfish.  Not so!

I am not saying that you have free license to be selfish and self-indulgent to the omission of your genuine care and giving to others. I am saying that there is no nobility in leaving yourself out. That is blasphemy just as well. For in universal reality, giving to others does not demand that you forget yourself.

I know there are people who say you have to give to yourself first before you can give to others.  But that is a mechanistic misunderstanding of the greater consciousness.  In the larger realm, since we are one collective, brothers and sisters interdependently woven, it is likely that as you give to others you are giving to yourself; and as you give to yourself you are simultaneously giving to others.  It would be negligent to leave either perspective unattended. So do both!  In that way you have no need to keep track or to divide your giving; you simply are being a giver and you are including yourself.

Some general things to give to yourself are a gift of a great massage with extra time, a golf game with a friend, a weekend with your family, or a day to sleep in. Whatever you do, consider doing it regularly and adding more creative gifts along the way.  In that respect, you train your psycho-neurological and spiritual systems to operate in a natural rhythm of giving and receiving abundantly. This is being in the flow of universal abundance and living richly.  A great practice or habit to form in your life, and to live it freely.

Giving thanks is actually GodWork. It is living in the abundant mindset. It is simultaneously an act of acknowledgement while recognizing, honoring, and Giving Grace at the same time.

Typically, giving thanks is seen as an outpouring of one’s appreciation towards something or someone else, whether it is because of what they have given to you or for what you may have received from them or their presence.  It is being conscientious and giving special attention and notice for some kind of gift received.

Yet in the greatest sense “giving thanks” has nothing to do with receiving anything from anyone personally; it is to give thanks for no reason at all.

Thanks for no reason is the highest form of spiritual bliss.  The question is how does one achieve such a state?

The first thing to know is that blissful thanks has nothing to do with you, except you have the privilege of being the point of awareness from which the appreciation is extended.  Rather than focusing on yourself and personalizing the thanks, the position to take is to focus out and be a witness to the miracle of life for its own sake.

In doing so you may notice that the miracle (including your own existence) is the presence of grace as an ongoing occurrence.  And the natural response is true gratitude, as opposed to gratitude as a platitude — the greatest virtue of all time.

In this state of consciousness, you realize that grace requires no debt.  Nor is there scarcity, neediness, or an agenda. It is complete, not for the sake of.  It simply is — miraculous as it’s true nature. And you, being the result and witness of such a miracle, get the gift for which you do not pay.  Ultimate abundance and love!

Can you even conceive of receiving what you did not earn or deserve? Consider accepting that as a natural phenomenon and a possibility for everything else as well.  It is abundance consciousness, out of which prosperity of all kinds flow. To feel indebted or the need to earn grace is to operate from a poverty consciousness and disrespect for grace itself.

So open yourself to the miracle of grace and give thanks just because — not only because of what you receive but just because of the miracle of grace itself. Awakening to this phenomenon is the light of abundance.  So simply turn it on and watch God work!

“Give In”. Giving in is a critical element of workable relationships, health, and longevity. While many of us may think that giving in means defeat and weakness, on the other hand, it may be your greatest strength.

We live in a culture that often rewards brute strength and obstinance as an indicator of the strong man or woman. Yet we forget that sensitivity, gentleness, and surrender are the other strengths that give us balance.

The principle of giving in is the yin complement of yang in certain spiritual practices. It is the feminine source that matches the male force in other consciousness disciplines. For instance, in some martial arts, giving in is the allowing principle that absorbs falls and blows to prevent injury and fractures. For to be static and resistant makes you predictable and inflexible, and makes you subject to injury and defeat.

Taking it further, giving in translates to resilience and durability. It is the source of health and longevity. In certain cultures, the bamboo plant is the symbol of such resilience, strength, and durability. It also might symbolize abundance in the same way, in that it is a valuable commodity for the many uses it has for surviving and thriving. We might take note of that phenomenon for ourselves.

Giving in helps us to thrive by being flexible, to establish rapport, to absorb energy without harm, and to be the source of strength and elasticity. In the world of commerce it allows us to be adaptable and innovative in the marketplace, which might be the determinant of our success. In relationships, it could be the source of masterful communication and peaceful interpersonal interactions. All in all, it is an asset to our lives in every way, in that it gives us balance, elegance, and wholeness. These are the qualities of health, wealth, and sustainability and helps us to fulfill our purpose and full potential.

“Give up”. Giving up is a good thing, if you get the true meaning of it. But it is often misunderstood, as meaning being a quitter.  That misinterpretation leads us to be in resistance and being right about things way beyond the point of no return and beyond the health threshold. It turns into hanging on to “stuff”,  negative baggage, and argumentative attitudes.

Giving up in this conversation is about “letting go” and releasing grudges, grungies, and withheld emotions. It frees you up and it frees up the flow of vital energy that allows you to be in your natural flow, in your element, where you are most effective and most generative. In this state you are creative and you are aligned with the natural abundance of the universe. You make space for Divine Providence to work with your true intention and commitment. You see, Divine Providence can only work with purity of intention and an open heart; it does not work with surreptitious aims and veiled conspiracies.

So “give up” is to give It up, to let go and let God! You can’t fake it until you make it. You have to truly let go of all the unsavory thoughts, feelings, and plans that God would not support, and take on the acceptance of the past and the serenity of the things you cannot change. Then apply yourself courageously in the present moment to all that you can responsibly do something about, while coming from good intentions for all concerned. This is juicy and lovely, and rightful — abundant and rewarding.

So think about the deeper meaning of this message. What are some negative feelings, resentments, guilts, and overall baggage you have been holding on to — some of the things you are trying to force your will onto? What are the prices to your own well being and the well being of others? The prices are not worth the energy spent on them. Consider giving it up and letting go into the greater field of spirit and reap the rewards of your freedom and the natural abundance of your true purpose in life. Let go of being a “control freak”, and trust God more. This is deliverance in action.


When you think of the word INTEGRITY, do you think of keeping your word or adhering to your set of values?  Do you think of it as a measure of moral character? While integrity does involve these very important aspects, we embrace a view of integrity as reliability, as a function of alignment with Universal Laws of being and how it relates to Abundance and Success. 

The root of Integrity is integer, which means “whole.”  When all the proper elements of a whole come together, you get a complete, perfect, example of integrity.  Everything fits –everything is doing its part, and everything is working appropriately and reliably. When you combine all the elements in your life properly and you behave accordingly, you will experience the reality of integrity and you will be witness to extraordinary manifestations.  

Many people see integrity as an adherence to a code of moral or philosophic values, while others see it as an artistic expression of coherency and harmony. 

In the moral paradigm, people identify themselves as adherents to the code (more or less).  But the code is often not clear and the evidence of adherence is often sketchy.  Yet the claim of integrity is one that people hold as a high value and, quite often, a measure of a person’s goodness and worth.  It can lead to honor and praise on the one hand, or guilt and condemnation on the other.

There are others who equate integrity with honesty, like telling the “truth”; or as a refusal to compromise on matters of principle — like equality, fairness, or justice.

All of these may be useful in general as a description of one’s character, decency, or virtuosity.  But an over eagerness towards those assessments or claims can lead to righteousness, division, exclusion, and conflict. 

As much as these assessments or measures of ethics are valuable in the world of social agreement, they do not necessarily give us a clear way to navigate our lives to success except on a social playing field. 

In response to the need for a workable compass for success, we explore four sub-topics of integrity that come together to affect the quality of your life: 

  1. Wisdom — the accumulation of consciousness in action, which allows you to live smart and makes your life extraordinary.
  2. Workability – the taming of chaos in your life through collaboration with others, and giving your life alignment and ease. 
  3. Harmony – the return to balance, flow, and inner peace, and being connected with your true self.  
  4. Wealth — the state of being on purpose and in the zone in your relationships and career, and you are living in abundance. 

These four elements come together to help you be in a state of integrity and loving the life you live rather than living in fear, survival, and inner-poverty (if not external poverty as well).

We invite you to join us to learn a fresh take on Integrity and these sub-distinctions and how they assist you to live with purpose, principles, and practices for a joy-filled life and how you can repeat the process over and over for greater success no matter what you circumstances happen to be. 

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“Give Away”.   Giving YOURSELF away is the greatest gift you can give…  It stimulates your self-expression, which is another form of creation and creativity. You put the life force in motion, which is abundance. It says to the world and to yourself that you are enough and more than enough — that you are overflowing.  The world listens to your message of being, expressed into the world, and responds in kind.  Besides, it lets you know that you are an awesome force of nature rather than a feverish little clod of ailments and grievances complaining that life did not devote itself to making you happy.  What a joy! 

Remember that you are “Stunningly Unique”, and you are God’s Masterpiece. You are born to be a giver and to shine like a star; and the world and your personal circle deserve to be the receiver of your gift.

This week take a look into your belongings and see what is stuck there clogging up your energy flow and your capacity to receive.  Make a definite commitment to give those valuable, yet stagnating things away.  Make room for newness.

I am committing to that and will continue to sort through stuff and let go of a lot over the next 60 days.  What about you? Whatever you give is another’s treasure.  You are the source of another one’s supply. What goes around comes around, as you trust the Spirit.  This is the concept of tithing, having Faith and Trusting the benevolence in the universe, that all empty spaces will be filled and you will reap more of what you sow”.  BELIEVE!


Topic: Join us on Tuesday, Oct. 9th, to learn about living your life with your truest Intention; with Intention, you can manifest your most abundant life.

What is your true intention for your life?  Who do you really intend to be?

While you think about your heartfelt intention, also think about your true commitment to it. You see, Intention is correlated with commitment, but they are not the same thing. Commitment is having dedication to your values, time, and relationships. Intention is living your life in the completed state of this dedication in present time.

When you live with Intention, you are fully engaged with something of the future, but having all your being and feelings for it right now, this moment.  You are living in the “feeling tone” and vibrating with it as an ongoing experience.  In addition, it is focusing your will like a laser beam, and bringing all your fortitude to bear as you take actions that shape everything in your force field to what you are embracing. Intention is generating intense vital energy to feed your dream or desire.  Instead of working towards a “future,” you are living in the present as if that future is already happening. It is being what you want to be at the same time you are becoming.

Learning the daily practices that help you manifest your intention takes commitment and follow through until you develop the habits that make your intention a matter of fact is the art of abundance in any area of your life

In this webinar, you will learn how to manifest your truest intention with these five interconnected elements:

  1. Free Choice — We all have the inalienable right to choose. It is up to you to choose what really matters to you and set an Intention to make that choice matter.
  2. Surrender — You will learn how to surrender and give up pride, shame, and fear to manifest your Intentions. When you surrender your life to the Intention, you can align your life to it.
  3. Resolve — Committing to your Intention requires Resolve. You will learn to keep your resolve during your journey to live your intention for a most abundant life. It is having Faith that is it already done and being persistent with patience.
  4. Being In Time — Living with Intention isn’t just focusing on the future. You will learn how to live your intention into being, NOW. If you generate the feeling state of your intention as if it is already manifested and start actively living it through smaller actions and practices, you will manifest the state of being and way of being for your intention to be manifested fully and abundantly.
  5. Giving – Giving starts the circulation of energy, which makes things happen rather than being an all-mental, passive, expectant, receiver with low to no energy, living in wishful hope.

These five elements make up the tenets of Intention. When you put these into play, you can refocus your life like a laser in terms of what really matters to you, surrender into the vision of your abundant life, resolve to fitting habits, and live that life TODAY.

Join Dr. Ray on Tuesday, October 9th, at 7:00 pm Central to learn more about setting Intentions in his next FREE webinar. Together, we will discuss and give life to your Intention, and set the stage for living abundantly now.

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“Give Out” — means “outflow”.  Outflow starts the circulation of energy, which is the fundamental principle of currency and abundance.  Holding and withholding clog your energy and stop the flow of circulation. This not only stops abundance but also causes health issues.  No freedom in that either. To give out jumpstarts the flow again. When you are outflowing you also create a vibrant energy field that attracts.

A simple way to give out is to reach out!  Reach out and connect with people for no reason except to give and feel the experience of flow and circulation.  Do it often until it becomes a new habit or practice.  You will then live in the way of being that causes abundance, both in your relations and financially. After all, giving is generative; being generative is creating; creating is to bear witness to prosperity.  Wherever you’re holding back or withholding, change the energy flow and give of yourself, today! Enjoy…?